Inhibitors of the Human Neuraminidase Enzymes as Probes for Glycobiology

35 min
Chris Cairo, GIA2022

It Begins in Delight and Ends in Wisdom: Milk & Mass Spectrometry

34 min
Daniel Bojar, GIA2022

The Bitter Side of Sweet: Immunomodulatory Roles of Galectins

33 min
Shokrollah Elahi, GIA2022

A Genetic Entry Point to Harness the Untapped Potential in Glycobiology

44 min
Hans Wandall, GIA2022

Tuning Specifically Galectin/Glycan Interactions at the Cell Surfaces

28 min
Latifa Elantak, GIA2022

Polysialic Acid is Dysregulated in the Autoimmune Disease Scleroderma

31 min
Lisa Willis, GIA2022

Versatile Glycopolymer Based Nanomedicines

33 min
Ravin Narain, GIA2022

How Glyco-tools Inform Adaption by Rumen Microbes

38 min
Wade Abbott, GIA2022

Using Bacteria to Make Mucin Type O-Glycans on Therapeutic Proteins

33 min
Warren Wakarchuk, GIA2022

LeGenD: determining glycoprofiles with lectin profiling

15 min
Haining Li, GIA2023

Antiviral drug development targeting the SARS-CoV-2 main protease and their influence on galectins

44 min
Joanne Lemieux, GIA2023

Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans as regulators of neuroplasticity and behaviour

60 min
Ian Winship, GIA2023

A-antigen re-expression and prevention of hyperacute rejection following in vivo enzymatic treatment in a model of ABO-incompatible transplantation

12 min
Tate Erickson, GIA2023

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